Gamze Neer Exclusive


Gamze decided to follow in her Grandmother's footsteps who owned a jewelry shop 80 years ago in Italy.

Having a degree in architecture was one of the main reasons Gamze fell in love with the Old Bag Factory. Transferring her passion for art and beauty combined with Chris's history knowledge and artistic skills Gamze Neer Exclusive was born.

In 2003 Gamze and Chris placed their Unique Jewelry Boutique, in the charming historical Old Bag Factory.

Blue Eye

Gamze Neer Exclusive is known for their famous "Blue Eyes Jewelry" line which is the most ancient guardian angels of Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. Blue eye bracelets, necklaces, earrings, worry stones, icons and countless other pieces attract visitors from 3 to 99 years of age. Every year, thousands of these pieces are introduced by customers to their friends and relatives all over the United States.

Each and every piece of jewelry is one of a kind and comes with its own story, which Gamze and Chris would be overjoyed to share with you.

At Gamze Neer Exclusive different cultures and periods of European Jewelry come together, starting from Victorian; Edwardian; Art Nouveau; Art Deco; along with Antique Ottoman Empire Pieces.

There are German reversible rings; Original Italian cameos; micro mosaics; Murano glass pieces; English lockets; Swiss pocket watches; from antiques to Native American jewelry, from gem stones to rocks, glass to diamonds, sterling to gold, for sure there is a unique piece waiting for a unique owner!

Cameos IMG 5639 Mosiacs

Chris and Gamze have recently partnered with HERMAN'S JEWELRY, one of the LARGEST INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND AND GOLD DEALERS. This has made Gamze Neer Exclusive the highest paying outlet in the area for BUYING GOLD, SILVER AND OLD JEWELRY.



Monday – Saturday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 574-533-3342
Address: 1100 N. Chicago Ave., Goshen, IN 46528