Second Song

Bill Landow
Bill Landow
Bill Landow is the proprietor of Second Song, a second hand musical instrument store, located on the second floor of the Old Bag Factory.

Bill's love of music will make your visit to Second Song an enjoyable experience. He may even play a song or two!

Bill explains what Second Song is all about in the poem he wrote, for all of the instruments that have been set aside or forgotten.
Second Song

Play a Second Song ©
Bill Landow 6/12/2012

I'm sittin in this closet on this dusty floor
No one ever thinks of me or plays me anymore
Can't you hear that music? I'd love to play along
Won't somebody take me out to play a second song

I know I have some scratches, perhaps a dent or two
My finish is all tarnished and needs some polish too
If someone took the effort, again I could belong
To play a part in music and play a second song

I used to play at concerts, we got applause and cheers
But I am left here all alone, not played a note in years
There's a child who wants to play, I'd like to come along
So put us both together and play a second song



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Address: 1100 N. Chicago Ave., Goshen, IN 46528