The Book Exchange



The Old Bag Factory has relocated the Book Exchange to the Down Under level, adjacent to the Rolling Scones.

The shop was formed after conversations among shopkeepers of the Old Bag Factory discussing what to do with books they no longer wanted to keep but that others might enjoy.

The idea was born to have a space where people could bring in books and exchange them for other books. Thus, the name of the shop became ‘the Book Exchange’.

Book Exchange

The shop is self-service –books or magazines may be brought in to exchange for other; or if you prefer, you can pay $1/book.

Books should be clean and not falling apart. This shop features numerous comfortable chairs for on-site reading.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and scones while browsing.

Book Exchange


Monday – Saturday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 574-534-2502
Address: 1100 N. Chicago Ave., Goshen, IN 46528